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How to draw a dog

Dogs are human’s best friend, and there are over 300 different breeds, from chihuahuas to German shepherds to Labrador retrievers. Learning how to draw dogs is fun and a great way to practice drawing animals. Whether you want to draw a realistic dog, like a hound or a Doberman pinscher, or a cartoon dog, the process is fairly simple once you know where to start.

Draw a small circle. This will be the outline for the dog’s head.

Draw a quadrilateral extending off of the circle. This will be the beginning of the dog’s snout.

Add 2 triangles on the top of the circle. These will be the dog’s ears.

Draw 2 straight lines coming off of the bottom of the circle. This will be the outline of the dog’s neck.

Draw a large, vertical oval under the neck. The oval will make up the upper portion of the dog’s body.


Draw a smaller vertical oval overlapping with the bottom of the bigger one. This will be the dog’s lower body, including its stomach.

Add an even smaller oval overlapping with the previous oval you drew. This oval will be the dog’s lower back.

Join the biggest oval and the smallest oval with a straight line. This line will form the dog’s back.

Draw straight lines extending down off the big oval. These lines will make up the front legs. Connect the lines at the bottom to close off the legs.

Draw rectangles extending off the front legs and smaller ovals. These will be the dog’s paws.

Draw an upward curving line coming off the smallest oval. This line will be the beginning of the dog’s tail.


Add a small, horizontal oval at the top of the front leg. This will be the dog’s leg bone and muscle area.

Draw a rough outline of the dog using the shapes you’ve drawn so far. Start filling in the details, like the dog’s eyes, nose, mouth, nails, and ears.

Erase all of the guidelines you drew. When you’re finished erasing the guidelines, you should be left with the just the detailed outline of the dog you drew.


Color in the dog to finish your drawing. You can color in your dog however you’d like, but if you’re going for a realistic-looking dog, stick with shades of brown.

Draw 2 horizontal ovals side by side. Make one oval slightly larger than the other. Make sure they're not too far apart.

Draw a light outline of the dog around the 2 ovals. First, draw a line that goes down and over the ovals you drew. Then, draw a line underneath it that does the same thing. For the bottom line, have it bend in a little bit in between the ovals. Next, draw the beginnings of legs. Finally, outline the head by drawing a circle with an oval that’s partially overlapping it.

Add additional details to the outline. Draw the ears, snout, paws, and tail.

Erase the guidelines in your drawing and add more detail. Once you’ve erased the guidelines, you can draw the outlines of the fur. You can also smudge your pencil lead lightly to create shadows on the dog.


Color in your drawing. For a Doberman pinscher, you’ll want to use black with shades of brown to color it in.

Draw a circle. This will be the outline of the head for your cartoon puppy. 

Draw a horizontal oval under the circle so they overlap. This will be the outline of the puppy’s snout. 

Draw 4 small ovals inside the circle. These ovals will be the puppy’s eyes. Start by drawing 2 small ovals inside the circle. Then, draw a smaller oval inside each one.

Add a small circle inside the big, horizontal oval. This will become the puppy’s nose.

Draw curved lines under the nose for the mouth. First, draw 2 upward curving lines that meet to form a “w” shape. Then, draw a third upward curving line underneath them.

Use curved lines to draw one of the puppy’s ears. Draw the ear so it’s coming out of the top of the puppy’s head, off to one side.


Draw the second ear on the other side of the head. Use curved lines as you did for the first ear. 


Add a horizontal rectangle below the large oval. Have the rectangle and oval overlap slightly. 


Draw a square with curved sides underneath the rectangle. The square and rectangle should overlap slightly. This will make up part of the outline of the puppy’s body. 


Add a second, slightly-bigger curved square underneath the first one. This will be the outline of the puppy’s stomach. 


Draw a third curved shape underneath the previous one you drew. It should overlap slightly with the previous one. This will be the puppy’s lower back. 


Draw a small oval at the bottom of the previous shape you drew. The small oval will be the hind leg paw. 

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